Will this app protect my privacy?

Yes. Text messages sent using Second Texting Number + will not expose your private number. When you text someone, a completely new phone number is generated for you.

What do I need to do before I use this app?

Nothing! There's no signup process and we do not require any personal information.

What number will be used when I text someone?

A free random number is generated for you by Second Texting Number +. All your text messages will be sent from this number and your recipient will see only this number. To see which number is used to send your text messages, click on the "Details" from the conversation screen.

Will my text messages appear on my phone bill?

No. The text messages you send will not show up anywhere besides in the Second Texting Number + app.

What are the coins used for?

The Second Texting Number + app is using virtual currency that you use to send text messages. 1 coin allows you to send 1 text message. Incoming text messages are free of charge.

Can I send MMS messages?

Unfortunately, MMS messages are currently not supported.

Which countries can I send messages to?

Only United States and Canada numbers are supported.

Got a Question?

For support and feature requests, please contact us at support@dynamicslash.com.